Our Story

What we’re all about

We are passionate about empowering women.  Because when you are empowered, you feel amazing.  When you look good you feel unstoppable. That’s why we are providing quality hair extensions, to ensure your hair feels as good as it looks and lasts as long as you need it to. Our clients are our top priority.   Our business was founded on one theory; Empowering women, through adversity and all of life’s moments.  We aspire to inspire through our generous heart, by giving back to women who are struggling with hair lose, caused by cancer. By donating wigs to support and inspire.

Who am I

I have over 24 years of experience working in the hair industry.  My journey began as working as a shampoo girl in a salon in New York City.  I loved talking with clients, listening to their stories about life and some of the challenges they were facing.  I heard so many stories from bad break ups to illness that women were dealing with and that was why they came in to be pampered, beautified and inspired.  The most touching thing for me was when dealing with cancer.  It struck fast and hard, it was vicious and sometimes took lives.  I remember one client, she had Lupus and it tore my heart to see this beautiful, strong and loving single mom dealing with this illness all alone.  Ashamed of others finding out about her pain and hair loss.  This was not just regular pain/cramps, it was excruciating pain that knocked her down for days.  She was so strong always pushing through and glamming up, looking as good as she could, feeling beautiful and strong once her hair was done.  She and many others like her are the driving force behind me starting this business.  I know that there are many others dealing with similar situations. We are here to help champion this cause, so join us and let’s win together and say F***K Cancer!!!